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Instant Volume™ Premade Fans by Lash Jungle

What are premade fans?

What styles can I create with Instant Volume™ – Premade Fans?

How many fans does an Instant Volume™ XL Tray hold?

How many clients can I serve with one XL Tray?

What’s the difference between Short, Mid and Long Stem premade fans?

Do premade fans damage lashes?

Should I choose C curl or D curl?

Which sizes does the mixed tray hold?

Are premade fans applied on top or bottom of natural lashes?

Are Instant Volume™ Premade Fans matte or shiny?

Are Instant Volume™ Premade Fans cruelty-free?

Will it be easy to pick up the fans from strips?

I’ve never used premade fans before. Any tips?

How do I pick up Mid-Stem premade fans?

Why do I need to avoid bulky & square based premade fans?

What are Instant Volume™ Premade Fans made of, Silk or Mink?