Eyelash Extension Glue / Adhesive & Liquid

What's the best adhesive for eyelash extensions?

We at Lash Jungle Pro have a diverse range of professional eyelash extension glues that cater to every artist at any level in Australia.

From beginners to intermediate lash artists looking for an eyelash glue with moderate drying speed and great retention, and for the advanced lash artist wanting a super-fast drying glue that matches up with the application speed, we've got you covered with the best collection of eyelash extensions glues!

We also offer our high-quality eyelash extension glue remover, lash primer, and superbonder that are all developed & hand-tested by a group of experienced lash technicians. They are specifically designed to maximise retention and expedite application speed while being super easy to use - even for beginners!

All our products at Lash Jungle Pro are formulated and made in South Korea using only the best ingredients on the market.

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