3D Premade Volume Fans

3D Premade Volume Fans Australia

Our Instant Volume™ 3D Premade Volume Fans are available in single length 8mm to 15mm & mixed length trays and come in short stem and long stem variants in C & D curls. You can also choose from 0.07 & 0.10mm diameter options to easily create different styles from Hybrid to Volume set.

Pro tips: Create a soft and fluffy effect using our 3D (0.07mm) for clients who want a naturally voluminous look while filling gaps between their natural lashes. 

3D (0.10mm) fans are best for clients with strong natural lashes in need of a more dramatic look with eye-catching thickness and definition.

Our 3D Fans come all in XL-sized trays which hold 2.6x MORE FANS than other brands in the market. You may notice that the price is almost the same, which makes it super affordable for all lash technicians!

Looking to create an even more voluminous and dramatic look? Try our 5D or 8D lashes.