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Tips: How to choose the correct length of premade fans

Choosing the right length is important when it comes to styling your clients’ eyes as well as maintaining the health of their natural lashes.

Having a thorough consultation with a client before the scheduled application is highly recommended -- and, asking their feedback about the styling and adjusting the length (and/or curl) when they come back next time will make your clients very happy and satisfied with their sets. To ensure safe lashing, the general rule of thumb is to choose a length that does not exceed 3mm of the natural lash. 

If you still don’t have a go-to length for lash fans and are not sure about which premade fans to stock for your lash business, read on...


The most commonly used length for eyelash extensions is anywhere from 8mm to 15mm. Any length shorter such as 5 to 7mm are used for bottom lash extensions.  


L e n g t h   g u i d e 

  • 8 & 9mm

These are normally used for the inner and outer corners of the eyes, as those parts tend to have shorter and weaker natural lashes. Even for clients with strong natural lashes, these lengths are still recommended to prevent lash damage.

When creating cat eye sets, it is recommended to use these lashes at the outer corner to prevent eyes from looking droopy. 8-9mm’s can also be used for clients who want a very short, dark, and full effect set like the Russian-volume style.

Our 8 and 9mm variants are also great for those who have very short and weak natural lashes and prefer a subtle enhancement. These create a mascara-like effect rather than a dramatic effect.

Please note these short lengths usually have stronger curls compared to the longer ones such as the 13-15mm’s.


  • 10 & 11mm

Great as a ‘transition length’ and commonly used for the middle area of the eyes. As these are very versatile and must-have lengths for any styling (including natural, doll & cat eyes), we recommend you stocking up enough of these at all times to ensure that you don’t run out. The 10 and 11mm’s can be also used as the longest length for a natural eye set.


  • 12 & 13mm

Our 12 & 12 mm lengths are commonly used as the longest length to accentuate a certain part of the eye.

For doll eye styling, these lashes are to be applied at the middle area to really open-up your clients eyes and create that dolly effect. A doll eye is great for those who have small, droopy, downturned, wide-set, or monolid eyes as they tend to make the eyes look bigger and lifted.

To achieve a cat-eye, these lengths may be used towards the outer corners of the eyes. Remember, for proper ‘cat-eye’ style you need to use at least 4 or 5 different lengths gradually. Ex: Start with the shortest length like 8mm from the inner corner, and gradually increase to 9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/13mm, then use a very short length at the end.

The Cat-eye style really elongates the width of the eyes and is recommended for those who want to achieve an exotic and sexy cat-like appearance. Great for round and close-set eyes, but not very suitable for downturned and wide-set eyes.


  • 14 & 15mm

Used as an accent length, the 14 and 15 mm fans are great and for clients who want really long lashes. Be careful when using these lashes as they are meant for clients who have strong natural lashes - these fans are normally quite heavy for most natural lashes.
Clients who want these lengths usually love that dramatic effect but remember to let your clients understand that fans tend to make the set look more sparse and wispy. Remember, when shorter lengths are used, the whole set looks fuller, cleaner, and way more tidy. If you’re still a beginner, we recommend that you use up to 13mm only and avoid these in the meantime until you can create quite a full looking volume set.

Please also keep in mind that these long lengths tend to have much looser curls compared to the 8 & 9mm variants.

When you use premade fans, there are just so many variants, and maintaining the stock level could be hard. Here’s a little tip for you: Don’t throw out those empty trays when you’ve used up all the fans - collect and store these someplace and when you need to place another order with your supplier, all you need to do is just count these empty trays! ;)