Lash Tape


      Lash tapes are a vital item for any lash artist. But are you only using lash tapes to secure the bottom lashes? There are so many other ways that you can use tape to make lashing easier! Here are a few tips:

      1. Lift the eyelid

      Struggling to see the root of your client’s natural lashes? Attach lash tape on the eyelid and the forehead to slightly lift the lid up! This will make the natural lashes stand at an upward angle, which will help you to see and access them easier. This method is especially great for clients with hooded eyes or excess skin around the eyes (normally mature clients).

      1. Expose the inner corner

      Do you find applying lashes on the inner corner a nightmare? We feel you! Simply stick lash tape near the inner corner and pull slightly to the side. The skin will stretch and expose all those tiny lashes, making isolation and application so much easier.

      1. Reduce twitching

      Sometimes, you get clients with super twitchy eyes. But don’t panic! Simply cover the lid with tape. The pressure will calm the eyelid down, and eventually the twitching will stop.

      We now offer three types of lash tapes for all your lashing needs! Be sure to read the descriptions to find the perfect one for you.