Loose Promade Fans

Promade fans now come in boxes of 1,000 fans (equal to $0.03 per fan), which is enough to create 7+ volume sets! These packs offer unbeatable value for the price, allowing you to save $$$ per client. Shop now!

Promade Fans FAQs

Promade fans consist of 2 to 20 eyelash extensions, each 0.03 mm to 0.07mm in thickness. These are used to create a volume lash sets. Traditionally, volume lash sets were only created using a specific technique called ‘Russian volume’. However, this advanced technique is very hard to learn and master, and takes a long time to perform during appointments. And so, premade fans (also known as promade fans) were born.

Promade fans come perfectly fanned out on a tray, so all you need to do is pick them up and apply them to your client’s natural lashes, just as you would with classic lashes.

They are very easy to use, so are great for lash artists who want to offer volume lashes, but haven’t completed a handmade Russian volume training yet. They’re also great for artists who simply want to cut down their lashing time so they can service more clients.

At Lash Jungle, we currently stock high-quality 3D to 14D promade fans in diameters of 0.03 to 0.07mm, in both single and mixed length trays. We offer a huge range, so that you can create absolutely ANY lash volume set your clients want – from hybrid, natural volume, and mega volume to Kim K wispy sets!

Promade fans have so many benefits!

They are great for clients who:

- Do not have the time to spend 2-3 hours on an eyelash extension appointment
- Have a bad back, are pregnant, or have another medical condition that means they cannot lie down for a long time

They’re also great for lash artists who:

- Are not trained in Russian volume lashes yet, but want to offer volume lashes to their clients
- Are trained in Russian volume lashes, but find these take too long during lash application
- Want to have perfect symmetrical fans and clean results
- Want to cut down their lashing time
- Want to attract more clients and increase their income
- Want to create different lash looks, ranging from hybrid to mega volume
- Want to offer more luxurious services, and be able to charge more per client

Promade fans are the newer generation of premade fans. Lash artists started calling them “Promade” because they resemble a handmade volume fan.

Compared to premade fans, promade fans are wider in appearance, have a thinner base and semi-shiny finish, and create a more natural, fluffier volume effect.

Best of all, promade fans come in variety of packaging options, such as Loose, Instant Setup, and XXL Eco Boxes, so you can find the most convenient and affordable option for you.

For more info, read our blog here.

At Lash Jungle, we have promade fans available in many different types, such as Loose Promade fans, Instant Setup, and Promade fans XXL Eco Boxes. Essentially though, the fans inside are the same. They’re just in a different packaging and setup.

- Loose promade fans are our most economical option, though you will need a silicone pad to use them as they don’t come pre-lined for you.
- XXL Eco Boxes are the easiest to use, as the fans come perfectly laid out in a mega tray.
- With Instant Setup promade fans, the lash fans come attached to a clear fan strip. However, they are stacked on top of each other to save space. They are more affordable compared to XXL Eco Boxes, though you still need a silicone pad to use them.

Still not sure which one is the best for you? Read our blog to learn more.