Mid Stem Premade Volume Fans

Ultra Dark Mid Stem Premade Volume Fans

Say goodbye to square and bulky bases! Our revolutionary mid-stem fans have an extremely sharp & pointy base that will help you achieve maximum retention! The slightly longer shape makes application super easy even for beginner lash artists. Once you try these babies, there's no going back.

Our Mid-stem Premade Volume Fans are available in 5D, 8D, & 10D and come in single length 8mm to 15mm & mixed length trays with diameter options of 0.03, 0.05 & 0.07mm.

Easily create different styles from Hybrid, Natural Volume to Full Mega Volume!

All our Mid-stem Premade Volume Fans come in XL-sized trays which hold 2.6x MORE FANS than other brands in the market. Price is almost the same, which makes it super affordable for all lash artists!

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