Lash Extensions for the Mature Clientele: Tips for a Timeless Look

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Lash Extensions for Mature Clientele

Every day, the beauty industry introduces a new trend, making it easy to overlook the mature age group who are seeking a touch of glamour. While young faces dominate social media and advertisements, we must recognise the untapped potential of mature clientele. The notion that mature clients can't also reap the benefits of lash extensions is a misconception. Here's how to cater to these clients, ensuring a safe and flattering experience with eyelash extensions.

Tips for lashing your mature clients:

1. Choose lightweight and natural lash extensions
2. Use under-eye gel pads for sensitive skin
3. Recommend a lash serum
4. Choose the right curl, length and style

Tip 1. Choose lightweight and natural lash extensions  

Lash Extensions for Mature Clientele

Ageing is a natural process that results in various changes, including thinner and more brittle hair and lashes. This means heavy and thick extensions aren't ideal for them. Instead, opt for lighter extensions like 3D 0.07, 5D 0.05 premade fans, or 0.15 flat lashes. If you prefer a handmade volume fan, go for the 0.03 diameter, which is extremely soft and lightweight. These alternatives will not only protect the natural lash but also offer a subtle and natural enhancement, without being overpowering. 0.05 YY lashes are another excellent choice, as they fill the gaps of sparse natural lashes with their wide appearance without adding excess weight. 

Tip 2. Use under-eye gel pads for sensitive skin  

Lash Extensions for Mature Clientele

The skin around our eyes is exceptionally delicate and becomes even more so with age. Always prioritise the comfort and safety of your mature clients by using under-eye gel pads or premium hydrogel pads for the bottom lashes, instead of relying solely on lash tapes. This approach not only ensures a smoother removal but also offers luxurious treatment for the under-eye area. 

Tip 3. Recommend a Lash Serum  

Lash Extensions for Mature Clientele

One can't emphasise enough the importance of maintaining good lash health, especially for mature clients. Lash Jungle’s growth serum is a game-changer for those with weak and thin natural lashes. It’s packed with natural ingredients and is very gentle on the eyes. Best of all, it's safe to use with eyelash extensions. Educate your clients on the significance of using the serum consistently if they wish to continue wearing extensions. Also, advise them about the importance of returning for infills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the lash set, to look nice and tidy. 

Tip 4. Choose the right curl, length, and style  

Lash Extensions for Mature Clientele

Most mature clients might not prefer an extremely dark and thick mega volume effect, which can come across as 'over the top'. Instead, they often seek a more subtle and elegant look to complement their eyes. Avoid dramatic D or DD curl lashes and select B or C curls, which offer a more natural appearance. If your clients have extra skin or heavily hooded eyes, consider L or M curl lashes for added lift. Read more about lash extension curls. Opt for shorter lengths that blend seamlessly with natural lashes. For styles, doll or kitten eye lash maps are preferable, as they follow the natural lash lengths more closely and provide an open and youthful look. Cat-eye styles aren't recommended since the longer length at the ends can be too much for weak natural lashes, making the eyes look droopier. Learn more about eyelash extension styles

Beauty is timeless, and everyone should flaunt their glam proudly, regardless of age. As lash artists, let's embrace this diversity, cater to the unique needs of our mature clientele, and ensure they leave our studios feeling confident. While you might only see younger lash clients on social media, leading you to target your marketing efforts towards them, remember that attracting mature clients can also be incredibly beneficial. They often stick with a lash artist they trust, and they might be less price sensitive. By offering them the care and expertise they deserve, your lash business can flourish.