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What are classic lash extensions?

Classic lashes are individual lash extension fibres that are attached to a single natural lash, to give you that natural, barely-there mascara look!

At Lash Jungle PRO, we stock a variety of individual lash extensions, from silk classic lashes to premium ellipse flat lashes. Our lashes are perfect for creating classic sets, or can also be mixed with our premade fans or promade fans for a beautiful hybrid set.
Our classic lash extension trays come in mixed lengths (8 - 15mm), as well as individual lengths, in a variety of curls B, C and D in 0.15 or 0.20mm diameter.
Both our silk and flat lashes are made from the highest quality Korean PBT material, which creates a consistent and long-lasting curl. The foil-backed strips allow you to reattach them anywhere, without making a mess.

Although volume lashes are a huge trend right now, there are always clients who prefer the clean and natural look of classic lash extensions. That’s why we highly recommend you stock these in your lash cart, so that you can offer various lash styles for your clients to choose from.

Backed by 100+ 5-star reviews, you won’t find higher quality classic lashes anywhere else. Shop our premium range of individual silk lashes and ellipse flat lashes today.